/logo駎aid the night itself.I
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ro●und to the effect that you’re unwell and● not able to report for duty.That’●s the truth.But any how I have a par▓ticular reason for wanting to ●keep possession of you for a while longer●.Now, be tractable—as an indulgence, do what● I ask.” There was no resist●ing the appeal in Merivale’s big blue● eyes.I followed him as he desired▓.He led me into the adjoining room,

where t●here were two narrow brass bedsteads side▓ by side. “You see,” he s▓aid, “I was prepared for you.Here is your co●uch, ready for your reception.It’s▓ rather odd about this.I’m a great hand ▓for presentiments: and experienc●e has taught me to believe in their co▓ming true.When I took these quart●ers I said to myself, ‘Pythias, ▓the Damon y

  • the shop.” “You m▓ust
  • not think of returning to the sh?/li>
  • 駉p to-day.You must go to bed and
  • have some s▓leep.When you awake again
  • I shall have● a proposition to lay
  • before you.▓ For the present follo


ou have been waiting for a▓ll these years will arrive while you are b●ivouacked here.Be therefore in a conditio▓n to welcome him properly.’ I don’t kno●w why, but I was thoroughly persuade▓d, I felt in my bones, that Damon’s ●advent would oc

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